33 Golf Accessories: The Ultimate List of Essentials for Every Golfer

Golf is a sport with gear choices that can be quite intimidating, especially when you’re new to it. You might feel overwhelmed when you walk into a store and see all of the available golf accessories.

Golfers who have been playing for years know the importance of having the right golf gear and equipment on hand to make your game more enjoyable and successful. This is why we’ve created a list of accessories that every golfer should have.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, these items are essential to have in your golf bag or on the course.

Which Golf Accessories Should Every Golfer Have?

There are accessories every golfer needs all year round. Here’s our list of 33 essential golf accessories that any golfer needs and wants.

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1. Golf Clubs

The first and most important accessory you need on your list of golf accessories is a good set of clubs. Invest in a set that is tailored to your skill level and swing. If you’re a beginner looking for guidance on a good set, check out our picks for best beginner golf clubs.

Wilson Profile Platinum

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2. Golf Balls

You will quickly learn that you can never have too many golf balls. Make sure you have plenty on hand in case you lose a few during a game. Most golfers carry a minimum of 6 balls per round, just in case a few are lost during play.

3. Golf Tees

Tees are used to elevate your ball off the ground for your first shot. They are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes. Most tees are made from bamboo, wood or plastic and come in different colors and designs. Which ones you pick is entirely up to you!

4. Golf Bag

Golf bags come in different sizes, styles, and colors. Choose a bag that fits your clubs and has enough room for all your accessories. If you plan on walking the course regularly, you’ll want a stand bag. If you routinely ride the cart and leave your bag inside, a cart bag may work for you.

5. Golf Push Cart

If you prefer to walk around the course, a push cart can save your back from carrying a heavy bag. It also helps to keep your energy up for the game. Golfers who do like to walk the course without carrying all of their gear by hand will love the ease of a golf push cart.

Wheel Golf Push Cart

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6. Golf Shoes

Shoes designed specifically for golf give you better grip and stability when you’re playing. It’s long thought that golf shoes with spikes or cleats will offer the best traction. However, spikeless golf shoes are rising in popularity and still offer grip without the clackety-clack sounds of spikes on surfaces.

7. Golf Gloves

Golf gloves provide a better grip on your club and reduce the risk of blisters. They are a must in any golfer’s bag, regardless of skill level.

When choosing a glove, consider the weather conditions you’ll be playing in. You may think you can get by with a single glove, but spend 5 minutes in the summer sun in a glove that isn’t ventilated and your hands will be a sweaty mess.

Golfers need mesh or another breathable material gloves for those hot summer days. For cooler days, a cold weather glove is ideal. Along those lines, golf gloves are one of the lower-priced golf accessories, and choosing a couple of different ones to suit the weather spectrum means you can wear the right glove for the conditions, even on a budget.

8. Golf Towel

Keep a towel handy to wipe down your clubs and balls. It can also be used to clean your hands and face.

Golf towels serve several purposes during a round of the game. They wipe down club grips and shafts, clean club heads and balls, and other uses.

The best part is that your golf towels can pack personality. You can pick designs with everything from sports teams to fun quotes. There are endless choices.

9. Golf Hat

Protect yourself from the sun and stay cool with a comfortable golf hat. This applies in all of the seasons, not just the heat of summer.

33 Golf Accessories: The Ultimate List of Essentials for Every Golfer

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10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes, but they also help you see the ball better on bright days.

11. Golf Umbrella

Don’t let the rain ruin your game. Keep a golf umbrella in your bag for unexpected showers.

Golf umbrellas are much larger than standard umbrellas, and cover both you and your golf equipment. This bigger size provides maximum protection from the sun for a variety of conditions.

12. Golf Ball Retriever

If your ball lands in a hard-to-reach place, a retriever can help you get it back. Forget about wading through deep grass or into a body of water. The best golf ball retrievers have extenders to help keep the rest of you out of undesirable locations.

13. Golf Rangefinder

Rangefinders give you accurate distances to the hole, making it easier to choose which club to use. Additional features like slope measurements and pin locks for accurate distance readings add a whole new dimension of information to your game. This tool is one of the must-have golf accessories for players who are serious about improving their game.

Blue Tees Series

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14. Ball Marker

If your ball is in the way of another player’s shot, use a ball marker to mark its location. This is especially common on the green, where your ball may be in the path of another player’s line to the hole.

Ball markers come in endless designs and this is an accessory where you can inject some personality. Choose one with your favorite sports team’s logo, for example.

15. Divot Tool

Divot tools are used to fix holes in the fairways and green caused by golf balls. They can also be used as a ball marker. Every golfer should have this tool to make repairs to their ball impacts on the course.

16. Ball Line Marker

A line marker is used to draw a line on the ball to help you aim your shot. These pens look like small Sharpees and you can often find packages that include the markers and tee stencils.

17. Golf Ball Cleaner

Golfers can quickly realize that keeping golf balls clean will allow for reuse, something that is handy when you consider how much golf balls can cost. Keep your golf balls clean and shiny with a ball cleaner.

18. Golf Cart Heater

A heater can add an extra layer of warmth on chilly days while you’re on the course. Yes, there are heaters for golf carts! Mr. Heater’s Golf Cart Heater is popular among golfers.

33 Golf Accessories: The Ultimate List of Essentials for Every Golfer

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19. Insulated Cooler

An insulated cooler for beverages or snacks is a golf course essential.

Nothing is worse than needing a bite of snack during hours spent on the course and finding your chocolate protein bar all melty inside your golf bag. While you’ll need to pay attention to each golf course’s rules about outside food and beverages, even basic items like extra water or itmes purchased from the beverage cart will be nice and refreshing when stored in a quality insulated cooler.

Coolers don’t have to be boring, either! Some of the best insulated coolers for women offer both great function and plenty of style when it comes to color choices. Yeti’s Hopper Flip 8 Portable Cooler is a favorite when it comes to keeping things cold on the golf course.

20. Golf Club Headcovers

Use club covers to protect your clubs from scratches and damage. Headcovers are typically used for drivers, hybrids, woods and putters.

33 Golf Accessories: The Ultimate List of Essentials for Every Golfer

Photo: Amazon

21. Golf Swing Trainer

Swing trainers are designed to help improve your swing and form.

22. Golf Putting Mat

Practice your putting skills at home with a putting mat.

23. Golf Chipping Net

Chipping nets can be used at home or on the course to help practice your short game.

24. Golf Ball Dispenser

A ball dispenser keeps your golf balls organized and within reach.

25. Golf Ball Stencil

Personalize your golf balls with a stencil. This makes it easy to distinguish your ball from others on the fairways and green.

26. Golf Bag Rain Hood

Keep your clubs dry in the rain with a rain hood.

27. Hand Warmers

Keep your hands warm on cool days with hand warmers.

28. Golf Club Brush

Keep your clubs clean with a club brush.

29. Sun Protective Arm Sleeves

Easier to put on than applying sunscreen, arm covers are lightweight and offer UV protection from sun exposure. This is an important accessory to consider if you are routinely out on the golf course because it can help reduce the potential for harmful sun damage to your skin.

30. Sunscreen

Solid protection from the intense sun over hours spent on the golf course is a must for any golfer. Sunscreen is a great line of defense in guarding skin from harmful sun effects.

Features to look for in a sunscreen to wear on the course are that it’s lightweight and non-greasy (making it easy to grip golf clubs after application), but still offers a high level of UV protection (SPF 50 or more is ideal).

31. Lip Balm with SPF

Sunscreen for exposed skin is a golf-gear no-brainer. But oft forgotten is an important sibling – lip balm with SPF.

Chapped, burnt lips are the worst and can take ages to heal. Get ahead of the discomfort by adding a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15 to your golf gear. Sun Bum offers several chapsticks with SPF 30 in a variety of flavors like coconut, banana, key lime, mango, and pomegranete.

32. Sunglasses

Golfers who spend hours in the sun should consider sunglasses as an important layer of protection for their eyes. Sunglasses are small and easy to add to a golf bag, making them a no-brainer when it comes to golf accessories.

33. Golf Travel Bag

A golf travel bag is essential to protect your clubs when they make the journey with you, whether by auto or airplane. Designed with room for your entire golf bag, plus storage for other key items like shoes and accessories, these bags make sure you have everything you need while on the road.

Wrap Up

Golf is the kind of sport that draws you outdoors in a variety of weather conditions. Dedicated golfers encounter it all – rain, wind, clouds, sun, heat, cold, and everything in between.

Planning for a day on the golf course requires having the right gear in your bag, as you will face a variety of conditions. So, take the time to ensure you’ve got the golf accessories necessary to thrive on the golf course.

Also, all of these items make for great golf gifts for any golfer, whether seasoned pro or beginner.

Happy golfing!

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