9 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes With Maximum Traction (2024)

Golfer wearing the best spikeless golf shoes holding a club next to ball on the course.

Spikeless golf shoes are gaining in popularity, as these shoe models blend athletic style, comfort, and performance all in one. Their spikeless design means a lighter shoe that can be worn even off the golf course.

The rising interest in this modern golf shoe style has led major golf manufacturers to improve shoe technology, with the traction of spikeless shoe models getting better and better.

So, yes, you can have it all in a pair of golf shoes. We’ve compiled a list of the 9 best spikeless golf shoes that offer maximum traction, plus comfort and style for your golf game.

What are the Best Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Best Overall
Puma ignite nxt spikeless golf shoe, our pick for best spikeless golf shoes

Puma Ignite NXT

Style, comfort and performance all wrapped into a single spikeless pair of golf shoes.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “They are like a golf glove for your feet! So comfortable and make every round I play in them that much more enjoyable.”

What we love: The Puma Ignite NXT is our all around winner for best spikeless golf shoes, as it provides great comfort, traction and style at a reasonable price. The traction, an important feature in any golf shoe to keep stability in slippery or wet conditions, is outstanding. Plus, the mesh on the upper helps with breathability on those hot days. The look of these shoes makes you want to wear them even off the course.

Runner Up
9 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes With Maximum Traction (2024)

Sketchers Go Golf Elite

This waterproof shoe is offers a comfortable day on the course and excellent traction in wet conditions.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: Played 3 rounds of 18 holes so far in soggy conditions and perhaps the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn…the grip, even in wet conditions, is fine.”

What we love: This player favorite is one of ours too. Our runner up, the Sketchers Go Golf Elite provides a comfortable golf shoe with excellent traction in wet conditions. Plus, it’s waterproof and comes in multiple color choices, making it a great spikeless golf shoe pick.

Best Waterproof
9 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes With Maximum Traction (2024)

ECCO Men’s Biom C4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe

This ultra waterproof shoe will keep you dry in the wettest of conditions.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “Excellent support. Excellent traction. Excellent comfort. Walking 18 in these was a joy.

What we love: ECCO has a long reputation for quality shoes, and this ECCO Biom C4 gore-tex waterproof golf shoe holds up to expectations. Players rave about its comfort and performance.

Great support
9 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes With Maximum Traction (2024)

ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano

ASICS shoes bring great function to a day on the golf course, providing both support and comfort.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: I have chronic foot pain, and this shoe lets me walk and carry 18.

What we love: The design of the ASICS Gel Kayano golf shoe focuses on supporting all the movements of a golfer, starting with walking and standing for hours. They aren’t the cheapest golf shoes available, but are backed by a brand that has made a name in providing stability and support across a number of sports.

9 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes With Maximum Traction (2024)

True Linkswear All Day Knit II

It’s breathable design and wide toe box make this your feet’s best friend.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: A great comfortable shoe that breathes. You can wear them without out socks with no fear of foot odor. I have a wide foot and they are perfect.”

What we love: Breathability is a key feature of this True Linkswear All Day Knit II golf shoe. If hot and sweaty feet are your enemy on the golf course, you’ll love the breathable mesh that keeps things cool. That’s not all – users report great comfort and traction, making this a solid pick for a spikeless shoe.

Best On/off course style
9 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes With Maximum Traction (2024)

Footjoy Contour Casual Golf

This versatile shoe looks stylish enough to be worn off course!

Photo: Amazon

What players say:  I love the versatility of this shoe as I golf in them and also use them with casual attire. Very sturdy, easy to clean, waterproof.”

What we love: The Footjoy Contour Casual is a shoe that ups your style game. Its casual design looks great with both golf attire and other casual outfits as well. Plus, the versatile look combined with the solid support that comes with the Footjoy name means a shoe that wins in both appearance and performance. This shoe was a no brainer to add to our list of best spikeless golf shoes.

Buy Every COlor
9 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes With Maximum Traction (2024)

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low G Golf

This fan favorite design is a shoe you can buy in every color.

Photo: Dick’s Sporting Goods

What players say: “Best spikeless shoes. Comfortable, durable and versatile. I have 7 colors and will keep buying more, you can’t go wrong.”

What we love: Inspired by one of the most iconic shoes ever, Nike’s Air Jordan 1 Low G is a golf shoe that even non-golfers buy. It just looks and feels great, which means you can wear it almost anywhere. The best part is that looks don’t compromise performance. It’s a comfortable, durable shoe that players love. Plus, it comes in so many color combinations, you’ll want one for every outfit. Not surprisingly, you’ll spot these on pro golfers and amateurs alike.

fits like a glove
9 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes With Maximum Traction (2024)

Footjoy Pro SI

Built on the foundation of Footjoy’s quality designs, this is a performance golf shoe, end to end.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “The FootJoy Men’s Pro/Sl Golf Shoes is easily the best fitting, most comfortable and stable golf shoe I’ve ever owned, the insert is fantastic and I didn’t notice my feet at all during my practice session, which is a good thing, because you only notice your feet when they are uncomfortable..”

What we love: Footjoy is one of those brands where you just know that you’re getting a comfortable ride with any shoe. The Footjoy Pro SI has that extremely comfortable, fits-like-a-glove feeling. When wearing this shoe, you feel like you could keep it on for hours and never notice it on your feet. Also, the leather construct and excellent traction mean top of class stability on the golf course.

Fan favorite
9 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes With Maximum Traction (2024)

Cuater by Travis Matthews The Moneymaker

This popular line of apparel includes shoes that are sure to delight any Travis Matthews fan. 

Photo: Dicks Sporting Goods

What players say: “Comfortable and stylish on and off the golf course!”

What we love: If you’re a fan of Travis Matthews line of golf apparel and accessories, a pair of Cuater by Travis Matthews the Moneymaker Golf shoes may be the perfect complement to your attire. Made from stain resistant and waterproof fabric, combined with solid cushioning, this stylish shoe is both lightweight and supportive.

What Makes the Best Spikeless Golf Shoe?

Unlike their traditional counterparts, the best spikeless golf shoes are designed to provide you with all the benefits of spiked shoes minus the inconvenience of cleats.

The best spikeless golf shoes have these features:

  • Grip technology for excellent traction
  • Breathable and/or waterproof construct
  • Superior comfort
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs
  • Versatile and wearable off the course
  • Lightweight

The traction technology in spikeless golf shoes has come a long way in recent years as golf manufacturers have taken note of popular demand for these models and have improved them with each new version.

The features of spikeless shoes mean you can play a long game of golf without any discomfort and then wear your shoes to the 19th hold and beyond.

Plus, they’re ideal for those whose golf course regulations don’t allow spikes as well.

You don’t have to compromise on style or performance when it comes to buying golf shoes, and there are so many positives in wearing spikeless shoes, we suggest you give them a shot if you want to up your golfing game.

Why Choose Spikeless Golf Shoes?

When it comes to golf shoes, there are a variety of options to choose from, but none top the comfort and versatility of a spikeless golf shoe. These shoes have gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason.

The best spikeless golf shoes offer superior traction, without the hassle of changing out spikes for different course conditions.

Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable, making it easier to focus on your game without distractions.

So if you’re looking to take your game to the next level, consider investing in a high-quality pair of spikeless golf shoes. Your feet (and your golf score) will thank you!

Wrap Up

Having the right golf shoes on your feet is an important part of upping your performance in the game and avoiding discomfort during and after a round of golf.

Whether you’re in the market for new shoes to wear during your next round of golf, or to gift to a golfer in your life, spikeless shoes an excellent choice.

So, pick one from our list of best spikeless golf shoes and give them a try. We are betting you won’t regret it. Not only that, but we think you’ll love the versatility and style that spikeless shoes bring to any wardrobe.

Happy shopping!

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