Best Portable Pickleball Net: 5 Easy Options to Play Anywhere

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Pickleball is a sport that is soaring in popularity. The game is easy to learn and fun to play, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro. However, crowded courts means that finding a suitable location for a game can pose a challenge. While constructing a permanent pickleball court in the backyard sounds awesome, it’s probably not realistic for most players. That’s why we’ve rounded up picks for the best portable pickleball net.

A portable pickleball net is a flexible solution for players who want to play in a variety of spaces. Designed to set up and take down within minutes, plus pack away into a small bag for transport or storage, any of these best portable pickleball net options means you can play wherever you go.

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What is the Best Portable Pickleball Net?

Best overall
Best Portable Pickleball Net: 5 Easy Options to Play Anywhere

Pickle-Ball Inc 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “Really good quality net. Sets up in just a few minutes and is easily adjusted to meet the regulation height (36″ ends, 34″ middle). I had it out in some pretty good winds and it just simply stays put. I highly recommend!”

What we love: As our overall pick for best portable pickleball net, there is much to love about Pickle-Ball’s 3.0 Portable Net System. At full regulation size, you get the experience of playing a full court game. Plus, setup and takedown are easy. Add in features like net tension adjustment, a center stabilizer, and net support, you’ve got a stable net that will be optimal game after game. The handy carry bag makes it easy to store in your car or garage and move it around.

What to consider:  Quality construct means a bit heavier of a product in this case (22 pounds). Most users didn’t have an issue with this, but if carrying a heavier net around is a challenge, it’s something to consider. 

Two Sport
Best Portable Pickleball Net: 5 Easy Options to Play Anywhere

Boulder Badminton Pickleball Net

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “I loved it and highly recommended. The bag the net came with fit everything with ease allowing me to take it places away from the home. The ease of setting up and taking down is amazing! The foam pads for poles are a nice touch for tear down. No spikes in the yard but very sturdy for pickle ball and badminton. Worth the money!”

What we love: The Boulder Badminton Pickleball net is available in three different width sizes: 10, 14 and 17 feet, offering flexibiliy to choose the best size for your needs.

In addition, as a multi-sport net, the height can be adjusted for other activities like badminton or pool volleyball. This is a great option for all types of players, from serious pickleball enthusiasts who want practice to families that play a variety of sports.

What to consider:  The largest sized net at 17 feet is not as wide as a full regulation pickleball net (20 feet). This is great for backyard or casual play where the exact court dimensions aren’t important. Players who want a full sized net should explore other choices, while this smaller net size will be a hit for those with tighter spaces.

middle of the pack
Best Portable Pickleball Net: 5 Easy Options to Play Anywhere

Franklin Sports Portable Outdoor Pickleball Net Systems

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “I use this product on my driveway where my court is located. I drill at lunchtime so this net rolls out into place quickly. The casters lock in place to keep the wind from moving the net. Net quality is super. Very well made for the amount of money spent. I would buy this product again.”

What we love: This regulation sized Franklin Portable Outdoor net has an option to include wheels. For those who want ease of moving their net around, spending a bit extra to get the model with wheels seems well worth it.

What to consider: Assembly can take a bit to figure out. This can be made easier by labeling the pieces with stickers or tape to remember which pieces fit together. 

Adjustable Size
Best Portable Pickleball Net: 5 Easy Options to Play Anywhere

Onix Pickleball 2-in-1 Regulation-Size Portable Net

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “We really love that we can set it up at 10 feet and play in our finished basement during cold NY months. We are able to practice dinking daily and the 2 in 1 feature also allows us to find any park or tennis court that is not crowded and play without having to sit.”

What we love: This Onix Pickleball 2-in-1 net can adjust to two widths, giving ultimate flexibility to fit a variety of spaces. Use the net at its 10 foot size in a tighter backyard or basement, or adjust to full regulation width at the park. For players who intend to use this pickleball net in more than one space, the adjustable feature is a huge perk.

Add in easy setup and takedown, plus quality materials, it’s an outstanding choice among the best portable pickleball net options.

What to consider: Some users reported the bag quality isn’t as durable as they hoped. If you plan to transport the net often, you’ll want to use care when loading and unloading the bag.

under $50
Best Portable Pickleball Net: 5 Easy Options to Play Anywhere

JOOLA HIT MIT Adjustable Height Portable Net

Photo: Amazon

What people like: “We bought this to replace our pickleball net that was damaged and it works perfectly! Raising the net also allows for the kids to play badminton. The price was great but with the low price, the expected lack of durability is a trade off. The product is collapsible and can be carried in the provided bag. Product does exactly what we need it to!”

What we love: The JOOLA Hit Mit Adjustable Net comes in two width options: 10 feet and 17 feet. At just $49, the 10 foot net is a great starter option for the price. Add in that it’s adjustable for multi-sport use – that’s icing on the cake. You’ll pay a bit more for the 17 foot model, but both deliver incredible value for the price point.

What to consider: Neither model is full court regulation size, and both are less sturdy when compared to higher priced models. They don’t have features like tension control, but at $50 and $70, both sizes bring great value overall, especially for kids or family play on a budget. 

What Makes the Best Portable Pickleball Net?

When searching for the best portable pickleball net, consider some or all of these features in a set:

  • Ease of setup and takedown
  • Width (regulation or smaller?)
  • Quality of materials
  • Carry bag
  • Weight
  • Added features like stabilizers and tension control
  • Adjustable options, like width or height
  • Wheels or no wheels

What Other Pickleball Accessories Do I Need to Play?

Pickleball is a sport with a minimal amount of equipment needed to get started, but there are a few essentials.

For starters, a good pair of pickleball shoes is a must (NOT running shoes, as this type of shoe won’t offer the lateral side to side support that is critical for pickleball play). There are many affordable shoe choices for both men and women. My advice: don’t skimp on investing in a quality pair of pickleball shoes.

Another key piece of equipment is a pickleball paddle. Paddles come in different sizes and grips, so take a moment to learn about the different types of pickleball paddles and choose the best one for you. From entry level models to amateur and pro selections, there are plenty of options.

Lastly, you need, well, pickleballs! Pickleballs are inexpensive and buying a multi-pack for under $30 will ensure you have plenty for on hand without having to stop and chase balls every minute.

Does a Portable Pickleball Net Make a Good Gift?

A portable pickleball net makes a great gift for any pickleball player who wants to practice at home or play in a variety of locations. Having a portable net is a game changer if local courts are crowded and availability is a challenge.

All of our choices for best portable pickleball net are easy to set up, take down and transport. Extra bells and whistles like wheels, adjustable height and width, and tension controls add even more flexibility.

When choosing a portable pickleball net for the enthusiast in your life, you’ll want to decide whether a full regulation size or a smaller version is ideal for their space.

Wrap Up

Choosing the best portable pickleball net for your game means increased flexibility to practice and play how and where you want.

Along with adjustable widths and flexible setup features, versatility is key when finding the right net. Portability and ease of transport are themes in all of these choices, which means convenient and even enjoyable play for passionate pickleballers.

For those looking for an easy way to practice their game, these lightweight nets are easily transportable while still providing quality. Players of all levels can prep for competitions or friendly games with friends and family.

So, review of our picks for the best portable pickleball net before jumping into your next match. Then, get ready to hone in on your skills anywhere, anytime!

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