9 Best Pickleball Shoes for Max Support (2024)

Two pickleball players wearing the best pickleball shoes sit on the court and hold a paddle with ball in their hands

Pickleball is an active game and proper footwear is essential part of your equipment. The best pickleball shoes will feel comfortable, provide maximum foot and ankle support, and handle the lateral movements of the sport.

Without good shoes, the risk of foot discomfort or injury rises, so choosing a model that will support you in all aspects of the game is crucial.

The good news is that there are many great footwear options designed specifically for pickleball. We’ve compiled a list of the best pickleball shoes on the market today that are both stylish and deliver maximum support. While this list focuses on men’s shoes, you can also check out our top picks of pickleball shoes for women.

What are the Best Pickleball Shoes?

Best Overall
9 Best Pickleball Shoes for Max Support (2024)

Fila Volley Zone

This men’s pickleball shoe combines performance with comfort. With added traction and cushion Fila delivers an all around max supportive shoe.

Photo: Dick’s Sporting Goods

What players say: “This shoe has a great look and feel.”

What we love: The Fila Volley Zone Men’s pickleball shoe is our all around winner for best pickleball shoes, as it provides great support and performance at a reasonable price. The added traction is an important performance feature to control slides across the court. With several color choices, including one design with actual pickleballs on the shoe, you can pick a neutral color or a fun hue to coordinate with your outfits.

Best for Performance
9 Best Pickleball Shoes for Max Support (2024)

K Swiss Supreme

The Pickleball Supreme targets a more competitive player who is looking for a light responsive shoe with added comfort features.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “This will be my 4th pair of kswiss pickleball shoes. Love the fit, super comfortable from day one, light weight and breathable.”

What we love: This shoe has that fits-like-a-glove feeling. The frequent player will love the comfort, even after playing several days a week. The K Swiss Supreme shoe provides support against ankle rolls and its lightweight feel makes it feel like you can fly across the court.

great value for the price
9 Best Pickleball Shoes for Max Support (2024)

Sketchers Viper Court Pro

Designed specifically for the elite Pickleball athlete, shoe was designed for comfort and max support on the court. With an outsole that’s built for increased durability to allow the elite player to perform controlled slides specifically on the pickleball court surface.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “Very happy with the comfort and fit. The cushion and arch support is exceptional.”

What we love: This Sketchers Viper court pickleball shoe was designed for comfort and delivers great support and traction at a value price. It comes in several trendy color options, so choose your favorite color combo!

Great for lateral movements
9 Best Pickleball Shoes for Max Support (2024)

ASICS Gel Renma Pickleball Men’s

ASICS shoes bring great function for pivoting and performing lateral movements on pickleball’s small-scale court.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: Fit and comfort are excellent, and they provide excellent traction and stability on the outdoor courts where I play. Overall a great choice.”

What we love: The design of the ASICS Gel Renma Pickleball focuses on supporting all the twists and lateral movements that happen on the court. This equals great support while getting high marks for being comfortable shoes. For a player who is seeking max support at an affordable price, the ASICS Gel Renma Pickleball delivers.

best wide fit
9 Best Pickleball Shoes for Max Support (2024)

Fitville Amadeus Wide Pickleball Men’s

All the functional attributes for a peak sporting performance wrapped up in a wide shoe with modern design.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “I was first attracted to the Fitville brand because I need a wide toe base and the fit was perfect. If you are looking for a court shoe that fits great, provides comfort and support, plus looks great, I would highly recommend Fitville.”

What we love: FitVille sneakers are made especially for players with wider feet, which means more freedom of movement for those who need more space in a shoe. The ergonomic insole brings maximum comfort while the footbed provides excellent arch support. Leisure pickleball players will find the Fitville Amadeus to be a great option for court play.

Luxury comfort
9 Best Pickleball Shoes for Max Support (2024)

Head Revolt Evo Men’s

Experience pure comfort in the new REVOLT EVO men’s shoe with plenty of cushioning, padding and flexibility as well as an extra-wide fit.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: ” I love them. I do not have much of an arch in my feet and these shoes fit great.”

What we love: The Head Revolt Evo 2.0 defines luxury comfortable shoes. This is a shoe you’ll be tempted to wear off the court because it feels so good. It also comes in an extra wide fit, making it a nice pick for those with wider feet.

player favorite
9 Best Pickleball Shoes for Max Support (2024)

K Swiss Express Light Men’s

This shoe gives players a comfortable, lightweight, breathable shoe that supports on-court movement and performance needed for the sport. It is an all-around shoe, perfect for the new or frequent player. 

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “My plantar fasciitis simply doesn’t bother me at all when I’m in these shoes. The fit/comfort is as good as any sneaker I’ve ever owned. The mesh material is very high breathability…the traction is VERY good, even on somewhat worn and/or dusty synthetic court surfaces…”

What we love: This men’s pickleball shoe is great all around the court. From its lightweight and comfortable feel to the breathable mesh upper and superb traction – the K Swiss Express Light is a favorite pickleball shoe for thousands of players, us included. Priced in the mid range at $100, this shoe packs a ton of features for the price.

All Around Court
9 Best Pickleball Shoes for Max Support (2024)

Prince T22 Men’s Pickleball Men’s

Built on the foundation of Prince’s proven T Series this is a quality performance court shoe, end to end.

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “Love these shoes. They are lightweight and very comfortable.”

What we love: The Prince T22 shoe is built on the foundation of Prince’s long performing T Series of court shoes. With features like breathable mesh in the upper and a midsole heel insert that maximizes shock absorption, this men’s pickleball shoe is both durable and comfortable.

Great Stability
9 Best Pickleball Shoes for Max Support (2024)

Tryol Velocity V Men’s

Built for high-action and change of direction court sports like pickleball, Tryol’s focus is on delivering a shoe with stability and support you can depend on. 

Photo: Amazon

What players say: “Finally a shoe where I can concentrate on the game instead of my feet!”

What we love: The Vibram outsole on the Tryol Velocity men’s shoe enhances traction and overall durability. But what we love most is the stable feel that makes you feel like you are wrapped in support.

What Makes the Best Pickleball Shoes?

If you’re new to pickleball, you may wonder if you need a dedicated pickleball shoe. The short answer is YES, you do. This is because the movements of pickleball occur in all directions – forward, backward and side to side. Other athletic shoes, like running shoes for example, are designed for different motions and don’t adequately support the needs of a pickleball player.

The best pickleball shoes offer support for multi-directional movements. Also, they provide extra durability to withstand court play. Finally, they have features like breathable upper materials (no sweaty feet after hours of play!), cushion for comfort, and added support for lateral movements.

When looking for a pickleball shoe, be on the lookout for these features. Your feet will thank you!

Can I Wear Running Shoes to Play Pickleball?

The short answer is no, running shoes are not ideal for playing pickleball. Running shoes are designed for forward movement. A running shoe won’t have the lateral support needed for pickleball.

Many pickleball players say they started the sport with running shoes, only to encounter pain and discomfort. For most, this subsided once they switched to a pickleball shoe.

To properly support your feet and ankles on the pickleball court, you should select the best pickleball shoes you can comfortably afford. This will make a huge difference in how you feel both on the court and after play.

What Other Accessories Do You Need for Pickleball?

The key equipment items needed for pickleball are:

  • A Paddle
  • One Pickleball (2 is even better, since sometimes one rolls away)
  • A pair of Pickleball shoes
  • Access to a pickleball court with a net
  • Optional: a bag to carry your gear

WIth a few core essentials, you are ready to play Pickleball.

Wrap Up

Having the right pickleball shoes is an important part of both upping your performance in the game and avoiding injury.

This fun, fast paced, social game is gaining in popularity and the number of equipment options on the market is rising too. This selection of the best pickleball shoes are all deemed comfortable and supportive by players, so choose the best shoes for you and let’s get the game started!

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