9 Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

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Golf can be a challenging sport for all players, but even more so for those with high handicaps. One of the most important factors to consider when playing golf is the type of ball you use. The right golf ball can help you hit longer and straighter shots, while the wrong choice can lead to frustration and a higher score.

In this post, we’ll cover 9 of the best golf balls for high handicap golfers, so you can find the ball that’s right for you and improve your game!

What Makes the Best Golf Ball for High Handicap?

High handicap golfers often struggle with consistency, distance, and control, so the ideal golf ball would address these areas.

Firstly, a golf ball designed for high handicappers should offer low spin off the tee to minimize the effects of a slice or hook and help shots fly straighter.

Secondly, the ball should provide maximum distance to compensate for the typically slower swing speeds of high handicappers.

Lastly, a softer feel for better control around the greens can also be beneficial, as this allows for greater precision on putts and short game shots. Hence, the most appealing features for a high handicap golfer in a golf ball would be low spin, maximum distance, and a soft feel. This combination brings you our list of the best golf balls for high handicap.

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What are the Best Golf Balls for High Handicap?

Golfer Favorite
9 Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Callaway Supersoft

Great for slow swing speeds

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One of the most popular balls in golf, the Callaway Supersoft is ideal for those with slow swing speeds because of its low compression and reduced spin, helping to correct slices and hooks.

The Supersoft also has a soft feel around the greens, making it easy to control and get up and down. It’s HyperElastic SoftFast Core brings increased ball speed.

This ball is durable and will last several rounds.

All Around Winner
9 Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Titleist TruFeel

Popular among golfers of all levels.

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Another great option for slow swing speeds, the TruFeel from Titleist has a low compression core and a soft TruTouch cover for improved feel.

It also has a new side stamp design to help with alignment on the green. With its consistent performance and affordable price point, the Titleist TruFeel is a top option among the best golf balls for high handicap golfers. But even more, it’s popular amongst all levels of golfers. Available in a variety of colors.

Great balance
9 Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Srixon Soft Feel

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As the name suggests, the Srixon Soft Feel ball has a soft feel for better control around the greens. It also features a low compression core for more distance and straighter shots, as well as a 338 dimple pattern for a more consistent and stable flight.

The Soft Feel is perfect for high handicappers looking for a balance of distance, control, and feel. In our view, it’s one of the best golf balls available for beginner or high handicap players.

More Ball Speed
9 Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Titleist Tour Soft

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The Titleist Tour Soft is designed for all-around performance with a larger core for more ball speed and a thinner 4CE grafted cover for better control and feel.

This golf ball also has the largest dimple design in the Titleist lineup for a more consistent flight. This ball is perfect for high handicappers looking for distance and control without sacrificing feel.

Improve slices or hooks
9 Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Bridgestone e6

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Bridgestone’s e6 is known for its straight flight and low spin, making it a great option for high handicap golfers who struggle with slices or hooks. It also has a soft gradational core for speed and reduced sidespin, as well as a Surlyn cover for durability.

The Bridgestone e6 comes in both white and yellow options.

Best Budget
9 Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

TaylorMade RBZ

A great option for high handicappers under $20

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The RBZ (RocketBallz) uses TaylorMade’s Speedmantle technology to provide faster ball speed and higher launch angles for longer carry distances. It also has a soft IOTHANE cover for greenside control and a 360 dimple design for a more penetrating trajectory. This ball is great for high handicap golfers looking for maximum distance.

Thousands of positive reviews say the TaylorMade RBZ is a great ball for the money.

9 Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Wilson Staff Duo

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The Wilson Staff Duo boasts the lowest compression of any golf ball on the market, making it incredibly soft and forgiving for the high handicap golfer.

This golf ball also has a large rubber-rich core for faster ball speeds and an aerodynamic dimple pattern that aims for improved stability. The Duo is an excellent option for high handicap golfers who want both distance and forgiveness.

Explosive Velocity
9 Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Titleist Velocity

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The Titleist Velocity is another superb choice for high handicap golfers, specifically tailored for those seeking remarkable distance. Combining a high-speed LSX core with a spherically tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design, the ball offers a high flight trajectory and increased roll, thereby maximizing distance.

Its fast core ensures explosive initial velocity, enabling the ball to cover ample distance even on mis-hits, which high handicappers would find beneficial.

The thin, durable NaZ+ cover enhances the feel without compromising on the ball’s stellar velocity and distance. Overall, the Titleist Velocity is a perfect blend of distance, speed, and consistency, making it a reliable option for high handicap golfers.

9 Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Players

Mizuno RB 556

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The Mizuno RB 556 is a remarkable choice for high handicap golfers due to its innovative features that promote longer distance and better control.

The ball is constructed with a 556-dimple pattern, the highest number of dimples ever used on a Mizuno golf ball, which increases hang-time and stability in the wind. Furthermore, the low compression core enhances the speed and reduces spin off the tee, assisting golfers to achieve longer, straighter drives.

Its micro-dimple cover also increases the duration of the ball’s flight, giving extra yards to your game. Overall, the Mizuno RB 556’s unique design and advanced technology make it an excellent choice among the best golf balls for high handicap golfers seeking to improve their performance.

What is a High Handicap in Golf?

In golf, a high handicap refers to a golfer who has a higher average score and typically requires more strokes to complete a round compared to a more skilled player.

Handicaps are designed to level the playing field in the game of golf, allowing players of varying skill levels to compete against each other. A high handicap is generally considered to be anywhere from about 15 to 36 for men and 18 to 40 for women.

These players are often in the process of improving their technique and consistency, and they can greatly benefit from equipment designed to enhance distance and forgiveness on mis-hits.

What makes the Best Golf Ball for High Handicap Players?

Selecting the right golf ball for a player with a high handicap involves considering a few key attributes.

Firstly, it should offer a good distance to ensure the ball can travel farther even with less than perfect hits.

Secondly, a softer feel can provide extra control around the greens, helping to reduce the number of putts.

Next, a ball that offers high forgiveness would be beneficial for high handicappers; it’ll minimize the impact of off-centre strikes, leading to straighter shots.

Lastly, a durable cover is crucial as it can withstand repeated hits without compromising on performance. Some golf balls are also designed with specific dimple patterns to maximize lift and reduce drag, thereby enhancing the ball flight trajectory. All these factors combine to make the best golf ball for high handicap players.

Wrap Up

While there are many important golf accessories, choosing the right golf ball can have a significant impact on your game, especially if you have a high handicap.

The nine balls we’ve covered in this post are all excellent options for higher handicappers, and each one offers something different. Whether you need help with distance, spin control, or short game, there is a ball on this list for you.

So, next time you’re out on the course, pick one of the best golf balls for high handicap and see if it makes a difference in your score!

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