7 Best Disc Golf Shoes for All Terrain (2024)

disc golf basket in the woods with trees and rough terrain where the best disc golf shoes or a portable disc golf basket would be useful

Disc golf is an exciting sport that is becoming increasingly popular all around the world.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, having the right footwear can make all the difference when playing this fun sport. Low-quality or unsuitable shoes can lead to aches, blisters, and slipping, ultimately affecting your performance and enjoyment of the game. That’s why we have researched and compiled a list of the best disc golf shoes that you should consider adding to your gear bag for optimal performance on the course.

What are the Best Disc Golf Shoes?

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Great Value
7 Best Disc Golf Shoes for All Terrain (2024)

Adidas Terrex Ax3

Durable traction and grip meets breathability, all wrapped into a single pair of disc golf shoes.

Photo: Amazon

What Amazon customers say: “Customers like the quality, performance, color, comfort, and value of the shoes. They mention that it’s well constructed, lasts over a year, and provides excellent support and traction. Some are also satisfied with water resistance, and a good value for the price. However, some customers are mixed on fit.”

Our take: The Adidas Terrex Ax3 is one of the best values for best disc golf shoes, as it provides great comfort, traction and style at a reasonable price. These shoes are great for disc golf with their robust supportive design.

The shoes feature Continental™ rubber outsole for excellent grip (yes, from the same Continental that makes tires) and Traxion hexagonal pattern outsole that provides maximum traction and stability on any surface.

Also, the upper is made of breathable mesh synthetic material that provides comfort, ventilation, and support during long rounds or hot weather. Users report over a year of use, even when worn several times a week. The combo of durability and performance brings a ton of value in this shoe.

True All Terrain
7 Best Disc Golf Shoes for All Terrain (2024)

Salomon Speedcross 5

An all terrain workhorse.

Photo: Amazon

What Amazon customers say: “Customers like the appearance, stability and performance of the shoes. They mention that the mesh look all around the shoe and the lace loop anchors are awesome. They also appreciate the very good traction provided by the cleat-like treads, which grip the ground in dirt, grass and even mud. Some customers also like the comfort, quality, and weight. However, some customers differ on fit and durability.

Our take: The Salomon Speedcross 5 is a true all terrain workhorse. These shoes are agile, durable, and lightweight. They have a SensiFit™ system that cradles your feet from the midsole to the lacing system for a comfortable, snug, and secure fit. Additionally, they have a Contagrip® sole that delivers grip and agility on any surface, even wet or dry. Thousands of positive reviews declare this a favorite among the all terrain shoe class.

7 Best Disc Golf Shoes for All Terrain (2024)

KEEN Targhee III Low WP

Photo: Amazon

What Amazon customers say: “Customers like the quality, appearance and weight of the shoes. For example, they mention that it’s a really well built shoe, the uppers and foot bed are in great shape and that it lasts longer than most. That said, opinions are mixed on arch support, and value.”

Our take: If you prefer waterproof shoes that can also withstand rugged terrain, then take a look at the KEEN Targhee III. With its leather upper and waterproof membrane, your feet will stay dry even in wet or muddy courses. The rubber outsole provides great traction on different surfaces and the EVA footbed offers support and cushioning for all-day comfort.

water shoe
7 Best Disc Golf Shoes for All Terrain (2024)

Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve (Womens)

This water shoe is for those courses where you know you will get wet. Rather than fight to keep water out, this pair lets the water in, while keeping you comfortable and supported.

Photo: Amazon

What Amazon customers say: “Customers like the shoes for its hiking and trudging through creeks ability. They say it’s a great shoe for walking/golfing, and it handles water well. Customers are also happy with the quality, saying the shoes are well made and durable. They also appreciate the comfort, saying they have enough room where their feet are comfortable. Customers also are happy with style, and performance. However, some customers have mixed feelings about the traction and fit.”

Our take: Merrell’s All Out Blaze Sieve is a true water shoe, designed to hike through rugged terrain – wet and dry– and still keep your feet comfortable thanks to their mesh and synthetic upper that offers breathability and quick-drying. The Vibram® TC5+ outsole has a consistent and reliable traction on rocky and technical terrain on the disc golf course.

The Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve is perfect for those who like to play disc golf in all kinds of weather and terrain conditions.

Great support
7 Best Disc Golf Shoes for All Terrain (2024)

Columbia Men’s Redmond

Columbia shoes bring great function to a day on the disc golf course, providing both support and comfort.

Photo: Amazon

What Amazon customers say: “Customers like the comfort, appearance and quality of the shoes. They mention that its very comfortable, has good support and that its a good looking shoe. They also appreciate the durable tread and that it’s well built. However, some customers are mixed on the fit and waterproofness.”

What we love: Columbia Redmond shoes offer waterproof protection and durability for long rounds or hiking around demanding disc golf courses. They have an Omni-Grip™ outsole that provides non-marking traction on any terrain, while their Techlite™ midsole offers cushioning, energy return, and stability.

All weather
7 Best Disc Golf Shoes for All Terrain (2024)

adidas Men’s Terrex Ax4 Gore-tex Hiking Sneaker

Great for rugged terrain and harsh weather.

Photo: Amazon

What Amazon customers say: “Customers like the appearance, waterproofness, comfort, and quality of the shoes. They mention that they look very nice, they keep their feet dry, and that the insole makes the shoes feel much better on their feet. They also like the weight. However, some customers are mixed on fit.”

Our Take: These shoes are designed for rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions. They feature a Gore-Tex lining that provides waterproof protection, while their Continental™ Rubber outsole offers superior grip and traction on wet or dry surfaces. The lightweight EVA midsole also ensures comfort and support during long hikes.

If you are a disc golfer who likes to play in all weather and conditions, the extra weatherproof features in the Terrex Ax4 Gore-Tex shoes are worth the spend.

Gore-Tex Waterproof
7 Best Disc Golf Shoes for All Terrain (2024)

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 5 GORE-TEX Trail Running Shoes

This rugged trail waterproof shoes provides support in all conditions.

Photo: Amazon

What Amazon customers say: “Customers like the quality, appearance and water resistance of the shoes. For example, they mention that it’s a fantastic shoe for trail running and hiking, great looking and that is waterproof to the tongue. Customers are also happy with grip, comfort, and value. Opinions are mixed on durability and fit.”

Our Take: A relative of the Speedcross 5, the Salomon Speedcross 5 Goretex shoe takes it up a notch. These shoes are specifically designed for the trail and feature a Gore-Tex membrane that offers waterproof protection. The Contagrip® outsole provides excellent traction on muddy, rocky, or uneven terrain, while the EnergyCell midsole ensures cushioning and energy return for a comfortable run.

Disc golf requires a lot of movement and agility, making the right footwear essential for players. These shoes not only provide comfort and support but also have specific features that cater to the demands of disc golf.

Why Do I Need Disc Golf Shoes?

Investing in a pair of disc golf-specific shoes is essential for several reasons.

Unlike regular sports or running shoes, including grass, mud, and sand, which one often encounters on a disc golf course. This level of traction is not typically found in standard athletic shoes.

Additionally, disc golf involves unique movements and stresses, particularly during the throw. The torque exerted on the feet and the rapid shift of body weight from one foot to the other necessitate shoes with excellent lateral support and stability, which is not always a priority in the design of other sports shoes.

Furthermore, given the outdoor and sometimes rigorous nature of the sport, a true disc golf shoe is built to withstand various weather conditions and are often water-resistant or waterproof, unlike many other sports shoes.

Therefore, to maximize performance, ensure safety, and enhance comfort, a pair of disc golf-specific shoes is a worthy investment.

What Makes the Best Disc Golf Shoes?

The best disc golf shoes have these features:

  • Great traction in the sole
  • Stability and support
  • Well cushioned mid-sole and footbed
  • Supportive upper shoe
  • Breathable materials
  • Overall comfort
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant or waterproof

The best disc golf shoes are characterized by a combination of essential features.

First, they should offer great traction, necessary for navigating varied terrains encountered on the course – from grassy patches to sandy or muddy stretches.

Next, they should provide excellent stability and support, crucial for the power and accuracy of the disc throw. This often comes from a well-cushioned midsole and a firm, supportive upper.

Third, comfort is paramount in disc golf shoes since players often spend long hours on the course. Breathable materials, ample footbed cushioning, and a good fit contribute to this aspect.

Lastly, durability cannot be overlooked. Given the outdoor nature of disc golf, the shoes should be able to withstand the rigors of different weather and ground conditions. Some players also prefer waterproof shoes for added protection.

Therefore, the best disc golf shoes combine traction, stability, comfort, and durability, with some players adding waterproofing to this list.

What Other Disc Golf Gear Should I Have?

In addition to disc golf shoes, there are several other pieces of equipment essential for the game. The most fundamental is the disc itself, with different types designed for various shots — drivers for distance, mid-range discs for control, and putters for close shots and scoring.

A disc golf bag is also valuable for carrying discs, with specialized bags offering compartments for easy disc sorting and access.

Comfortable clothing that allows for a free range of movement is important, and layers are advised to accommodate changing weather conditions. A towel can be useful for wiping off discs and drying hands, while a reusable water bottle ensures hydration during play.

Lastly, some players may choose to use a disc golf cart for convenience, especially in larger courses. This gear combined with the right shoes ensures a player is well-prepared for a game of disc golf.

Wrap Up

Disc golf requires you to have good shoes that will give you the comfort, stability, and traction you need while playing. The best disc golf shoes are those that are breathable, durable, waterproof, and have a good grip.

We hope our list of the best disc golf shoes will help you choose the pair that matches your style, budget, and the course you’ll be playing on. Remember, investing in a quality pair of shoes is worth it and can help you enjoy the game to the fullest while avoiding injuries and discomfort.

So, go out there and conquer the course with your new pair of disc golf shoes!

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