About Jenn

I’m passionate about life’s adventures and

creating businesses that support lifestyle goals.

Who Am I

I help people find the things that enhance their life experiences.

I also guide entrepreneurs in creating businesses that support their ultimate lifestyle goals.

I’m a wife, mom, dog parent, content creator, and small business enthusiast.

I’ve juggled raising a family with a full time job and small business, while trying to stay connected to my hobbies and passions. Has it been chaotic at times? YES! Was it worth the effort to do things I enjoy? ABSOLUTELY!

I’ve learned that time is precious, and doing what we LOVE brings us many of our best moments.

Experience quiz has taught me (the hard way sometimes) that the RIGHT gear can be the difference between amazing and awful when it comes to life’s adventures.

I use my obsession with research to find and recommend only those products that I believe will absolutely elevate the experience of whatever adventure grabs you, big or small.

What I Love To Do

I’m an outdoor enthusiast, with extra love for skiing, golf, tennis, and travel.

I love coffee and a good book – particularly if I’m somewhere with an amazing view.

My best moments are found in creating unforgettable memories with my loved ones.

Jenn Myers photo